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Eco-Friendly Stamps

Eco-Friendly Stamps that are Water-Based and Reusable


There are more and more businesses that are making a commitment to the environment by investing in eco-friendly products. If your company is making a push toward going green, you can continue the effort by switching to more eco-friendly stamps for documentation purposes. While many stamps are technically already eco-friendly because of their reusability and the fact that they don’t need to be replaced very often, Superior Rubber Stamp Seal Inc. has stamps that are even more eco-friendlier than that, including water-based ink options.


The 2000 Plus Eco-Friendly Stamp has many of the same qualities as the other 2000 Plus stamps. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to do fast and repetitive stamping, and replacement pads and ink refills are available for when the water-based ink runs out. 2000 Plus has made it a point to manufacture more environmentally-friendly stamps that last longer and are made using recycled products, which makes this particular stamp of supreme eco-friendly quality.


You can join the effort in keeping the planet safe while allowing your employees to stay organized with stamps that are green-sealed and approved. We would love to tell you more about the stamps that are available to you through Superior Rubber Stamp Seal Inc. Call 316-682-5511 for more information.