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Date Stamps

Pre-Inked Date Stamps for Business Documentation


Businesses that require dates on all invoices, shipping labels, and other work documents

may find that it can be a real pain to write the date on these documents over and over again. That’s why you should consider doing it with one of the date stamps available from Superior Rubber Stamp Seal Inc. instead. Superior Rubber Stamp Seal Inc. offers 2000 Plus Date Stamps as well as Xstamper Date Stamps that you can customize. The date stamps also come pre-inked, which will make the process of stamping documents that much easier on you and your employees.


Repetitive and Re-inkable Stamp Options and Accessories


You will have a couple of great options when you purchase date stamps through Superior Rubber Stamp Seal Inc. The 2000 Plus Date Stamps are ideal for individuals and businesses that need to do fast and repetitive stamping. You can customize the date on the stamps and get to work right away. They are pre-inked with water-based ink, and you can purchase replacement pads and ink refills for them whenever you need to.


The Xstamper Date Stamps, meanwhile, operate in a slightly different way, but they’re also perfect for many individuals and businesses. They come with a lifetime guarantee that is a testament to their durability, and they are pre-inked with an oil-based ink. They are re-inkable for thousands of impressions and will hold up for the long haul.


Superior Rubber Stamp Seal Inc. welcomes you to try each date stamp out to see which does the job best for you. Call us at 316-682-5511 today and get the ball rolling on your business documentation.