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Artline Markers

Using a dry erase board is a great way to keep yourself organized at home and at work. In order to make the most of a dry erase board, however, you need to invest in high-quality dry erase markers that will allow you to write smoothly, boldly and without skipping. The markers should also be available in a wide variety of colors, and most importantly, they should not dry out if you accidentally leave the cap off of them for an extended period of time. Artline dry erase markers, available through Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal Inc., can provide you with all of this. They are designed to work well with dry erase boards, meaning you will have no regrets about purchasing Artline wipe-off markers.

There are several different kinds of excellent Artline dry erase markers that Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal Inc. can provide you with. The Artline 500A Whiteboard Marker, for example, will write consistently on any dry erase board without skipping, and it has a 48-hour cap-off time so you won’t have to worry about it drying out on you. These particular Artline wipe-off markers are available in black, red, blue, green, orange and brown, depending on your personal preference. Similarly, the Artline 517 White Marker is also designed to write consistently without skipping on any dry erase board and has the same 48-hour cap off time as the 500A Whiteboard Markers. This particular marker has a bullet tip, however, which allows for wide, thick lines. It is also available in black, red, blue, green, orange, and brown.

Regardless of which Artline dry erase markers you ultimately decide to buy, you will be getting a great value, as Artline wipe-off markers are not only affordable, but will last you a lot longer than many other brands on the market. Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal Inc. knows how important it is for you to invest in the best markers available when you utilize a dry erase board on a daily basis. Whether you want general-purpose whiteboard markers or specialty whiteboard markers, Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal Inc. has you covered and can even provide you with a bulk order if you need more than just one or two Artline dry erase markers.

Check out the Artline wipe-off markers that Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal Inc. has in stock today, or call 316-682-5511 with any questions you have about dry erase markers.